Rush Puzzles


Rush puzzles offer you 120 seconds to answer a series of questions across various poker-related categories and difficulty levels. As you start, You are asked poker-related questions. With every correct answer, your score and the difficulty level of the question increases, and with every incorrect answer, your score and difficulty level decreases. At the end of the allotted 120 seconds, you are given a total score based on your performance. This score is reflected in the rush puzzle leaderboard, where every user is competing against each other for exciting prizes and rewards. The leaderboard runs weekly and resets every Sunday at 11:59 PM.


On starting the quiz the first question asked is of the Elementary level, on successfully answering 3 questions correctly, a user moves up a difficulty level where he is asked questions from the beginner level. Similarly, on answering 4 correct questions at this particular level, the question difficulty moves up to the Intermediate level. In order to move beyond the intermediate level, a user would have to answer 5 questions correctly at this level.

At any given level, if a user answers 3 questions incorrectly, their level of difficulty reduces to the previous level.

The points are allocated in the following way – At the Elementary level, a user is awarded 30 points for every correct answer and loses 20 points for every incorrect answer. At the beginner level, 60 points are awarded for every correct answer and 30 points are deducted for every incorrect answer.  At the intermediate level, a user gains 200 points for every correct answer and loses 70 points for every incorrect answer.


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All rush puzzle rewards are offered by Hashtag poker. Apple or Google does not solicit or is liable for the fulfillment of the poker rush leaderboard rewards.