The poker felts

Join in with your friends for an evening of poker and chill with our brand new feature of VIDEO POKER, which does away with unnecessary clutter and lets you enjoy the social aspect of poker, which is always more fun when played with friends. With India’s first video poker format, we aim to make poker fun again, So you can look your friends in the eye when you catch him running a bluff! You can enjoy poker in an all new user friendly interface and an elegant minimalist design.

Don’t have any friends that want to play poker with you? It’s all good, Hashtag Poker has your back! You can always check out the quick games, daily tournaments, quick tournaments and SNGs to duke it out with other players and enthusiasts for bragging rights.

We have made poker interactive and more importantly, FREE!! Imagine winning big rewards by not risking anything. Hasthag Poker allows you to do just that. Register now! And start playing to win your piece from a big pool of daily exciting rewards.

Different games for your different moods

Quick Games

Prefer playing a quieter game with a table instead of multiple tables?. Quick games are for you. Dominate a table with your skill and make your opponents flee when they see you sitting there.


Feel like running a marathon than a sprint? Tournaments are for you! Endure variance, survive till the late stages so you can stand a chance to win it all.

Private Tournaments

Yup! You read it right.

This feature enables you to create and play a private tournament with your chosen players. And organizing one is extremely simple: Just create your own private tournament. Invite players. Set a timer for the tournament length; And leave the rest to us!

Private Tables

As the name suggests, this feature enables you to create your own table, invite your own friends and family, and customize the structure of the game to your liking. You can even track your scores in each session. More than that, enrich your gaming experience by playing in Video mode.

In short It’s as simple as that. Your table,
Your people, Your rules, Live on video. Make it more thrill or more fun, up to you!