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Our courses and lessons are made keeping YOU in mind. Learn how to dominate at poker, both preflop and postflop. Learn from the best to be the best. A learning experience customized for you, regardless of your skill level, so that you can build a solid winning strategy as a grinder and, if you already do, refine it to optimal levels.


Taught by the best coaches in the scene, our courses are structured and easy to study. High-quality educational content curated by experts to help you accelerate your learning.
Multilingual courses now in Hindi and English!


Lessons are classes for focused learning on a topic or concept. If you want to work on specific parts of your game and elevate them to the next level, start with a lesson now.

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Test your skills with our

Our puzzles test your recall and ability to apply what has been taught. They also help you check how well you understand the material taught to you. A fun and challenging way to test your newly acquired skills!

Daily puzzles

Daily challenges to test and refresh your learning of the topic you are currently studying.

Rush puzzles

Solve as many puzzles as you can before the time runs out. Rush puzzles are a new exciting format of quizzes meant to be equally part educational and entertaining. Give one a go now!

Category puzzles

Puzzles focused on a particular topic to help you work out the gaps in your understanding. Category puzzles help you hone in on a concept and master it.

Heads up Challenge

Fight for glory and honor in the heads-up streets, challenge your friends and find out who is “just better.” Headsup challenges are as close to a 1v1 you will get in poker. It’s a war on the felts, and you are invited.

The rating system

We use a rating system to determine the accurate levels of difficulty that will help you most improve at poker. It allows us to cater to your exact needs as a player for effective learning.

On giving a correct answer to a quiz, a user is awarded points and on every incorrect answer, a user loses points. The rating points determine the overall level of a user on hashtag poker.