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Can I change my username?

No, the username of a user, once chosen, cannot be changed.

Is it legal to play in Hashtag Poker?

Yes, it is unequivocally and legal to play on hashtag poker. So play on!

I am below 18. Can I play on the Hashtag Poker app?

Yes, we have no age restrictions.

I am from a state where poker is banned. Can I play?

Hashtag poker exclusively offers only play money games, so yes, you can!

What is defined as a violation of the fair play policy?

Any kind of collusion, chip dumping, soft play will give you unfair advantages from other players.

What is chip dumping?

When two players team up to dump chips in one account to get an unfair advantage and use it to put other players at a disadvantage

Can two players join the same table with the same IP address?

Yes, they can, but any unfair gameplay, if proven, will lead to strict disciplinary action.

What are the possible consequences of violating hashtag poker’s fair play policy?

The possible consequences are winnings being frozen or forfeit, temporary or permanent ban.

I found a player to be cheating/ playing with an unfair advantage. How do I report it?

You can report the hand with the user id and email it to us at “X, a prompt investigation will be done, and necessary actions will be taken.

My account is blocked. How can I unblock it?

You can submit your query to us at info@hashtagpoker.com, and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

Can I play real money games on hashtag poker?

No all games on hashtag poker are played with play chips, but you can win amazing prizes with no investment!

When is the Poker Sports League Season 4 Happening?

Poker Sports League Season 4 is going phygital which is a combination of physical & digital.Online qualifiers are starting from Nov 25th ’21 on Hashtag Poker App. Online league matches will start from Jan 17th ’22 & the Live finale from Feb 7th ’22.

What do you mean by phygital league?

This means PSL S4 will be digital as well as phygital. League matches will be conducted online on our Hashtag poker app and Finale will be conducted live.

How can we be a part of Poker Sports League Season 4?

As an amateur player, you can enter the league through online qualifiers from the Hashtag Poker App. As a professional poker player, you can qualify through the Captain & Pro Category

Are the qualifiers going to be online qualifiers or onground qualifiers?

All the qualifiers for season 4 will be online qualifiers and no on ground qualifiers will be held as for safety measure due to covid 19.

Is there a registration fee?

No, the Poker Sports League charges no fees for registration, The only way is to register for qualifiers on our Hashtag Poker App.

What are the Perks of being part of a Team?

Along with the monetary benefits, you get to play team poker, learn from some of the best players in India, help grow the game, interact and play with the best internationally, holistically developing yourself as a player and a part of the team. All while making history.

How many total qualifiers will be there & how many qualifiers a player can play?

In total there will be 15 qualifiers & the maximum qualifiers a player can play is 6 qualifiers. ( 5 non-video and 1 video match)

What is the process for the online qualifiers for PSL S4 Phygital?

A player can play maximum of 6 qualifiers and make his place on our online qualifier leaderboard. Top 180 players from this leaderboard will be in the PSL draft, after which there will be a seperate 3 days series call PSL draft to PSL seat, out of which the top 30 players will get direct entry into PSL S4 Phygital.

What is the schedule for PSL S4 Phygital?

25th Nov to 9th Dec – PSL S4 Qualifiers

10th,11th,12th Dec – PSL Draft to PSL Seat

21st Dec – Selection Ceremony

17th Jan to 29th Jan – Virtual League matches

7th Feb to 13th Feb – Live Finale

What is the team composition for PSL S4 Phygital?

There will be 6 teams. Each team will have 12 players. 1-Team owner, 1-Captain, 2-Pros , 5-Qualifiers, 1-Substitute qualifier, 1-Women player, 1-Sponsored player.

After getting PSL seat how will a player get selected in a team?

Once you got into PSL draft and then won the PSL seat, In selection ceremony each team will bid on you and you will be selected in the team which bids highest for you.

What fee do I get as a qualifier?

The base price of a qualifier is 50k and the base fee of the qualifier will be decided upon the highest bid amount by the team who selects the qualifier.

How are the teams selected?

The players who top the leaderboard in online qualifier & tops the leaderboard in PSL draft to PSL seat will get selected a qualifier.There is an option to retain 1-pro and 1-qualifier from the previous season. Other Pro will be selected from the pro draft & women player will be selected from the women draft. Sponsored player will be selected by each team individual sponsors.

Can I choose the team?

In PSL, our structure is one where the Teams select the players from the draft. Once selected, you have to play for the team you are selected for.

If any technical error occurs during gameplay, what action will be taken?

If not being able to play due to slow internet connections, faulty hardware, internet connection failure, low computer configuration or for any other reason not attributable then we are not responsible for the same. If technical error occurs from our side, then we would pause the tournament and resume from the point before the technical error occurred.

Why KYC is required when real money has not been involved?

KYC is required to keep the integrity of the league intact and avoid multi-accounting and ghosting.

What document do I have to submit for KYC?

You have to provide a photo holding your photo ID for a successful KYC registrations.

What will be the formula to calculate points in qualifier tournaments?

Points = 10 * (sqrt(total players) / sqrt(position)) * (10.2104)

Have any other questions?

Please write to us at info@pokersportsleague.com and we will get back to you at the earliest.

How do I learn to play poker?

Learn the basics and history of poker with our elementary course. Click here to get started (Link of elementary course)

What are courses?

Courses are a structured manner of learning poker for students at all levels. In addition, hashtag poker offers in-house courses and courses offered by other coaches within the industry, all under one roof.

What are the lessons?

Lessons are independent videos offered by hashtag poker and other leading coaches from the industry on specific topics to help you advance your skills and game.

How are courses different from lessons?

A course has a structured approach, whereas lessons are individual one-off videos. In addition, a course covers various topics over multiple chapters and modules, whereas a lesson would cover a specific subject at once.

What are the challenges within courses?

Hashtag poker provides a holistic approach to learning by offering puzzles and quizzes after every chapter. On completing a chapter, students are asked to answer a set of questions which helps both the student and hashtag poker immediately validate learning. This way, a user can easily track their progress.

What are quizzes?

The puzzles section allows users to practice their theoretical and practical knowledge of the game. Here a user can easily select a category and difficulty and solve interactive puzzles tailored to them and simulations. This will help a user improve their understanding with the aid of various tools.

What are rush puzzles?

Rush puzzles offer you 180 seconds to answer questions across various categories and difficulty levels. As you start, you are asked straightforward questions, and with every correct answer, the difficulty of these questions increases. With a series of wrong answers, the difficulty of questions automatically decreases. In the end, based on your performance, you are given a total score. This score is also reflected on the hashtag poker leaderboard.

What is the rating system?

The rating system is a point system designed to reward points based on user engagement and responses. On giving a correct answer to a quiz, a user is awarded points, and on every incorrect answer, a user loses points. The rating points determine the overall level of a user on hashtag poker.

What is coaching?

The coaching section is a marketplace of all coaches offering One on One and Group coaching sessions. Hashtag poker provides a premium, versatile coaching experience by providing them with a wide choice of coaches and courses.

What is the variant of poker I can play in Hashtag Poker?

Currently, only no-limit texas hold’em is available, but we plan on adding new formats soon!

What are the types of games I can play in hashtag poker?

Quick Games, Quick Tournaments, and regular tournaments are the types of games you can currently play.

What is a poker tournament?

A poker tournament is a tournament where players compete by playing poker. It can feature as few as two players playing on a single table (called a “heads-up” tournament) and as many as tens of thousands of players playing on thousands of tables. The tournament winner is usually the person who wins every poker chip in the game, and the other top finishers are typically awarded places based on what rank they busted or got eliminated on. To facilitate this, in most tournaments, blinds constantly increase throughout the tournament.

What is a quick game?

A Quick game is any non-tournament poker game played with chips. Quick games have no predetermined finish time, and players can enter and leave as they wish, as long as they meet the table requirements.

What is a Private Table?

It is a password-protected table that you can create to play with your friends only. Other users will not be able to join without a password. So you can enjoy a private poker evening with your loved ones!

How do I create a private table?

Go to the private table tab, Select your desired table name, and set up a pin, then you can share the name and the PIN with the users with who you plan to play.

What is video poker?

Video Poker is an exclusive feature of hashtag poker to provide you the live face-to-face experience of poker in the comfort of your homes. In addition, you can chat and interact with your friends while playing poker.

What is a ticket?

A ticket is a pass to enter the tournament that doesn’t cost you chips.

Where can I access my ticket?

You need to select the tickets button just right to your playing chips in the play section, or you can select ‘Tickets’ from the hamburger menu.

Is the card distribution Random?

Yes, We have a certified RNG that ensures the cards are distributed randomly.

I am getting bad beats too often. Why?

Poker is a game of variance. It happens while playing. Don’t worry. It will nullify in the longer run.

Can I pause my game for some time while sitting at the table?

For tournaments, you can not pause, but for quick games, you do have the option to sit out whenever you desire.

Where can I find my action timer?

A green bar will gradually start decreasing during your turn, indicating how much time you have left to take your action.

What happens if I get disconnected while playing a hand?

You will get some extra time during disconnection. However, if that also expires and you fail to connect, your hand will be folded.

How do I check my hand strength?

You can access hand rankings here (Put Hand ranking link). We are currently working on a tool to show hand strength in-game.

Can I see the replay of the last hand played?

No, but we are working on a hand history replayer, and it will be available soon.

Can I Re-enter in a tournament after busting out?

If the tournament allows re-entry, yes, you can.

Can I register late for a tournament?

You can see the tournament details to know if Late Registration is allowed for that particular tournament.

Can I mute my Audio?

Yes, you can mute your microphone while playing.

Can I mute the audio or video feed of other players?

No, currently, that is not available, but we are working on it.

Can I auto-muck my hand?

Not as of now, but the feature to do so will be added in a future update.

What is playing chips?

It is a virtual currency that can be used to enter quick games, mitts and and sit-and-go tournaments.

How can I use video minutes?

Video minutes will be deducted automatically with the time when you will play video poker.

How many video minutes will I get while signing up?

You will get 60 video minutes while signing up.

How do I check how many video poker minutes I have left?

Go to In-App Purchases, Select Video minutes, and you can see the video minutes left in your account.

Can I play Video poker tournaments without video if my video minutes are over?

No, it is compulsory to have video minutes to play video poker tournaments.

What are the rewards I can win from a tournament?

You will get rewards from hashtag poker for performing well. You can redeem these rewards for exciting prizes.

My playing chips are over, what should I do?

You can buy playing chips from our in-app purchase section. Click here(Go to in-app purchase).

My Video Minutes are over. What should I do?

You can buy video minutes from our in-app purchase section. Click here(Go to in-app purchase).

What are the payment methods accepted in hashtag poker?

No. Purchasing game currency or goods from third-party vendors is dangerous. They can harvest your information, misuse it, trick you into giving them your password, and steal your game cash. It’s a violation of our Terms of Service to purchase from third-party sellers. Play it safe, and buy while you’re in the game.

Is it okay to buy hashtag poker currency from a third-party vendor?

No. Purchasing game currency or goods from third-party vendors is dangerous. They can harvest your information, misuse it, trick you into giving them your password, and steal your game cash. It’s a violation of our Terms of Service to purchase from third-party sellers. Play it safe, and buy while you’re in the game.

If I don’t like the course, can I get a refund?

A refund is not available, but any feedback you give will be taken seriously into consideration, and all necessary amendments will be made.

I bought video poker minutes, but they are not reflecting in my account. What should I do?

You should contact us at info@hashtagpoker.com, and we will assist you.

What can I buy in the hashtag poker shop?

Chips, video minutes, courses, lessons, group coaching.

How can I buy a course/lesson?

Go to the learn section on the app, select the Courses/Lessons. Then, choose the filter you wish, choose from the options you have filtered, click on the buy option, complete the payment, notification will be sent, and you can access the course/lesson you have purchased.