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Play offers a revolutionary and fun way of playing with your friends, video poker! We also have daily freerolls, tournaments, and SNG’s. An innovative social approach to poker. Where fun matters! 

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Quality, insightful educational content delivered by the best coaches in the industry, get started with our free elementary course, and elevate your poker today! Courses now available in Hindi and English!


Learn concepts that you want to focus on in the form of accessible, structured lessons.


Test your understanding with fun, exciting, and sometimes challenging puzzles that make you want to keep doing more.

Watch epic poker related content!

Now watch high stakes poker action, live streams, and more exclusive content on the hashtag poker app, a premium curation of video content for entertainment and education. This content you won’t find anywhere else.

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Hand Reviews
Watch hand history reviews of big tournaments and games analyzed by pros so you can learn what to do and, more importantly, what not to do at the tables!
Play and explain
Watch pros and coaches go through their games and explain why they do what they do. You also get to look at how elite pros approach situations we all face every day at the table.
Learn from top coaches online with interactive and comprehensive webinars to help you work on your game and clear your doubts.

Poker Sports League -
India’s biggest poker arena

PSL is the biggest free poker tournament series in India where the best poker talent in India fights it out for gold and glory against other teams in an epic multi-day league. Qualifiers are held both online and live.

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Create Courses

Have a passion for teaching poker? Us too!. Let’s make high-quality structured courses together.


Have something extraordinary you want to share with the poker world? We will be happy to help!

One to one coaching

Coach students one-on-one and help them reach their specific goals with a customized learning plan for them, focusing on them to elevate their poker.

Group Coaching

Coach students who expect similar goals from their poker journey and are at roughly the same level of proficiency. Help them grow into the grinders of tomorrow.

Live streaming

Stream poker for students and enthusiasts. Educate them and entertain them, grow the poker scene in India. We will help you every step of the way.

Create Puzzles

Entertaining and educating, unleash the enigma in you and create puzzles that are fun to solve but teach essential concepts as well.

Play & Explain

Teach students what it takes to be a winner live as you play your session and explain why you are doing what you are doing.

Hand history reviews

Review how students play and help them improve their strategies with clear, concise feedback.


Are you interactive? Do you enjoy solving doubts and clearing poker misconceptions? Webinars are where you can create focused learning content and deliver it interactively!

Join now as an educational content creator or a coach

Are you passionate about poker? Do you have an aptitude for teaching? Do you have both?. We are looking for professors of poker who can coach students and/or create insightful and articulate educational content.

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What our users say

I recently sat down with 3 of my batchmates for a midnight video poker session. It was fun reconnecting with old friends and playing poker as we used to in the hostel. Thank you guys for one of my most memorable experiences.

Sweta Bhandari

Sweta Bhandari photo
I have played SNG after SNG, and I must say that the experience of playing on the square table in portrait mode is absolutely unique. I am completely thrilled.

Umesh Sharma

Umesh Sharma photo
For a poker noob like me, the courses and puzzles are a great stepping stone into the world of poker.

Anna-Marie Pinto

Anna-Marie Pinto photo
At hashtag Poker, I enjoyed watching the stories of Poker Gurus, the thrills and actions of PSL season 1 & 2 videos. Poker Pandey bhaiyaji is awesome.

Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar photo